How it works

Here to make impact.

Crowd Meal helps those in need by using donor money to purchase restaurant meals,
spurring the economy one meal at a time.

One meal at a time.

About Us

Let's help each other.

Due to the impacts of the CoronaVirus many people are left unemployed, burning through their savings for bare necessities such as rent and food. Similarly, many restaurants and small business owners are struggling due to the reduced business traffic.

Crowd Meal is an initiative to serve both of these groups of people by allowing those better off to donate money, which will be used to buy restaurant meals for people impacted by the virus.

The Team

Sasmit Agarwal

Sasmit is the Founder of Crowd Meal and is always passionate to apply his knowledge to help others.

Sara Ghorbani

Sara is determined to be a catalyst in building a more just society for her own and future generations.

Melanie Ho

Melanie is devoted to creating a positive impact on the world and implementing changes to help improve society.

Aleia Eagleton

Aleia is committed to making a positive impact and difference in her community, remaining passionate in her efforts to help others.
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